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"I believe Dr Greenwood's Mongoose proposal has the potential to revolutionize our approach to missile control for... defensive operations. It would be a pity if this quantum shift in control laws were not taken up in Australia and left to an overseas organisation to exploit."

Air Marshal Errol McCormack (ret'd),

Former Chief of Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force.

In the media: Australia's Spitfire Memorial Defence Fellows. 

  Latest News:

  • 2005: Dr Greenwood was awarded (archived clipping,.pdf) the Australian Defence Force Academy's Spitfire Memorial Defence Fellowship for the first time, to support Blue Mongoose machine-intelligent research.
  • 2007: Second award of the Spitfire Memorial Defence Fellowship for Blue Mongoose research and development.
  • 2007: The Australian Department of Defence awarded Blue Mongoose Guidance Systems a Concept Definition contract, under the Capability and Technology Demonstration Program.
  • Jan 2011: Dr Greenwood has been appointed Honorary Senior Fellow in the School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Queensland.
  • Aug 2011: Dr Greenwood visited Norway and delivered two days of lectures on the Blue Mongoose algorithms and machine intelligence, as a guest of Kongsberg Defence Systems.   

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Blue Mongoose Guidance Systems is a proud member of, an international research and development community working on massively-parallel computing architectures.

The founder is also the author of patents and patents pending internationally in applied mathematics, in other contexts

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In Brief:

Blue Mongoose Guidance Systems Pty Ltd is an SME that designs innovative guidance and control software and associated machine learning algorithms. As the company is unaffiliated with existing defence products it is able to explore the implications of disruptive new mathematical approaches to guidance problems, including the impact of new computing architectures, and the way these may make existing orthodoxies and solutions obsolescent. 

The company designs guidance software suitable for either network-enabled or sensor-limited Bank-to-Turn (BTT) or Skid-to-Turn (STT) anti-missile missiles, or network-enabled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Unlike conventional guidance laws such as H-infinity, the Blue Mongoose guidance software enables combined-objective strategies to be calculated (and re-calculated) automatically in flight using realistic aerodynamics with nonlinear controls. This means, for example, that a UAV can be programmed for "collision/avoidance": it achieves a combination of sequential "collisions" with one or more nominated way-points at specified altitudes, while also able to engage in intelligent evasive manoeuvres against any threat that emerges unexpectedly during the mission. These intelligent manoeuvres are triggered autonomously by the guidance law as required, invoking the aerodynamics of the UAV and the threat vehicle, considerably enhancing the survivability of the UAV.